Friday, June 1, 2012

Thoughts on The Future of Personal Manufacturing Systems

Internet and smartphones are the two most popular subjects of the decade.  Web2.0 and smart phone revolutions are quite new.  Therefore people are still amazed with what they can do with them.  There is a new generation growing up with internet and smart phones.  They take these two things as granted not something new like we grownups do.  By the time this new generation grows up. They would be quite fed up with internet and smart phones. They would be looking for more…

Internet by the help of smart phones help people get whatever information they want immediately.
Internet era children will be therefore eager to get what they want.  They will not like to wait a week for internet purchase delivery. Additionally they will want to have something which is unique to them.

Next generation manufacturing systems need to keep up with the demand characteristics of the future.  Even the big industrial companies will not have the luxury of having manufacturing facilities focusing only on one product. The facilities will be small and scattered all around the world.  The supply will be there where the demand is.

Personal Manufacturing Systems and Local Manufacturing Systems will be the future of production.  My objective is to contribute on the development of these systems and I will be sharing my work on this blog.