Thursday, June 25, 2015

A New Index for Electronics 2.0

I believe on modular electronics and standardization of connectors, peripherals and batteries. In order to speed up this trend there can be an index created to show the level of standardization of a product.

The index value can be calculated based on the following criteria:
- Easy serviceability of the product (battery, display, charging adapter, ...)
- Number of standardized vs propriety connectors
- Standardized serviceable parts (battery, display, connectors...)

The objective of this index is to motivate manufacturers to use more standardized parts for their products. Standardization of battery for example. It would have been nice if we had standard LiPo battery dimensions like we did for Alkaline batteries. Another example would be standardization of charging adapters. At the moment USB interface is the main charging interface for small electronic devices. However a broader standard would be more beneficial for the electronics industry.

This index should also be valued by the consumer which would force the manufacturers to increase their index value.

Some of the benefits of standardization of product components and peripherals:
- Less money spend on the product. (You don't have to pay again and again for the charging adapter, the battery, connecting cables; you pay for the phone or the camera. You keep using the other peripherals stated above.)
- Another expression of the above statement: More percentage of the money you spend on the product goes to the real value adding part of the product. The product itself not the peripherals.
- Less environmental waste. (Our homes are filled up with cables and charging adapters. With every new product purchase we get new cables and charging adapters and battery)
- Possibility of better build standard equipment (Better build charging adapters and cables. At the moment manufacturers bundle cheaper peripherals with the product in order to reduce the sales price of the product.)
- Easy serviceability and availability. (If you are travelling and need a replacement peripheral, it may be impossible for one to find a propriety peripheral.  However standardized peripherals could be easily found.)