Friday, October 16, 2015

Synergy, Audit and Control

The companies need these divisions synergy, audit and control, to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Audit and control division checks employees work against ethics and company policies.  Most companies focus on results and leave employees free on how to achieve them. Some do the opposite and treat employees as robots. These two approaches should be balanced. Becoming too cumbersome is a death certificate for the firm.  The employees should have freedom on the way they do the work. On the other hand corporate processes and procedures should be followed.  It boils down to these policies. If they are not carefully developed (e.g. unrealistic) employees come up with their own versions.  When these policies are developed properly, its audit and control divisions responsibility to monitor and report employees' compliance with the policies.  For the company to march forward, the employees should be harmonized. Additionally, the work done should be irrelevant of the person doing it.  When people start doing the work freely, any replacement within the workforce result considerable drop in efficiency and increases the adaption times of the new employees.  Ideally the work done should be clearly stated on the procedures and not depend on the person doing it.  This becomes more important as the company grows.  Therefore, audit and control division's work is very critical.  They also allow upper management to focus on the future.  In a typical organisation, upper management spend too much time on daily work, leaving very little time for them to think on future work. When audit and control division work properly the upper management can rely on their employees on daily work and can spend more time on future strategies.

Synergy is a division almost mo company have.  It is however crucial for all companies.  The main objective of this division is to increase the collaboration between different departments. Usually every department has their own goals and they rarely overlap with each other. Synergy departments duty is to increase this overlap. Define, monitor and report the interaction level between departments. If necessary update processes and procedures. Develop performance measurement values promoting the synergy between the departments.  Organize educational meetings to clarify the operation of almost every department to one another.  This would widen the employees view point.  Finally, synergy improves the company's efficiency and effectiveness as well as innovation capability.